Available 2FA Methods

Available 2FA Methods

Text Message

TokenIQ supports Text Message (SMS) delivery of two-factor authentication codes. To select Text Message method,
visit the “Settings” or “DNA” screens within the Web App or Mobile App.

Google Authenticator (TOTP)

Download the Google Authenticator or any TOTP-compatible application on your mobile device and add a new
entry by scanning the barcode TokenIQ provides.

Smart Watch

TokenIQ DNA uses the connected devices you own to create your unique profile which serves as a second factor
to verify your identity and log you in. TokenIQ supports Apple Watch and Android Wear devices. To enable TokenIQ
DNA 2FA method, visit the “DNA” screen on your iPhone or Android app.


To enable RSA SecurID, additional customer integration points are necessary. Please contact your TokenIQ
account manager to initiate this integration at business.support@tokeniq.io.

DUO Security

To activate Duo Security, follow the below steps:

1. Make an account and login to Duo.com. Select “Applications” on the left side
menu list.

2. Click “Protect An Application” to bring up a list of applications. Then select
“TokenIQ Security” from the list.

3. Copy the provided credentials from Duo’s website (including the Secret Key which needs
to be clicked on to view)

4. Return to TokenIQ’s admin console and click on the 2FA tab. Click on the gear icon under
Duo and paste in the info copied information from Duo’s site. Slide the switch to enable and click save.

Once activated, each individual user can enroll in Duo by logging into their TokenIQ app and
going to TokenIQ’s “Settings” or “DNA” screen, select “One-Time Passcodes”
(or Two-Factor Authentication) and selecting Duo Security. User is walked through
a process to activate their device.