Two Factor Authentication

Two-Factor Authentication

TokeinIQ supports popular methods of 2FA including Text Message, TOTP applications such as Google and
Microsoft Authenticator, Duo Security, RSA SecurID and TokenIQ DNA (using Apple Watch and Android Wear devices).

Each user is able to individually configure their Two-Factor Authentication settings from their vault “Settings”
screen. Certain 2FA methods such as Duo Security and RSA SecurID require the TokenIQ administrator to login to the
Admin Console and perform up-front configuration.

To access the Two-Factor Authentication configuration, visit the “2FA” tab of the TokenIQ Admin Console for the selected account. 2FA methods and token retention behavior can also be enforced from the Role Enforcement policy screen. Role enforcement policies can enforce the use of 2FA channels on the specific account. Therefore, different accounts can be provisioned with different 2FA methods.